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Grateful Dead Live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on 1985-09-07

Set 1:
d1t01 - Tuning
d1t02 - The Frozen Logger
d1t03 - Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo
d1t04 - New Minglewood Blues
d1t05 - Brown Eyed Women
d1t06 - My Brother Esau
d1t07 - Loser
d1t08 - Dupree's Diamond Blues
d1t09 - One More Saturday Night

Set 2:
d2t01 - Shakedown Street ->
d2t02 - Crazy Fingers ->
d2t03 - Samson and Delilah
d3t01 - Uncle John's Band ->
d3t02 - Playin' In The Band ->
d3t03 - Drums ->
d3t04 - Space ->
d3t05 - Dear Mr. Fantasy ->
d3t06 - Hey Jude ->
d3t07 - Dear Mr. Fantasy ->
d3t08 - Truckin' ->
d3t09 - Comes A Time ->
d3t10 - Turn On Your Lovelight

d3t11 - Crowd/Tuning
d3t12 - Johnny B. Goode ->
d3t13 - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Location Morrison, CO

Source SBD -> PCM Master -> Dat/0 (44.1k)
Lineage Dat (Sony R500) -> SEK'D Prodif Plus -> Samplitude Profesional v8.01 -> Cool Edit Pro v2.0 -> FLAC
Transferred by Charlie Miller


Patch Info:
Source 1: Schoeps CMC4/MK2 + Schoeps CMC4/MK41>Oade Mixer>PCM>Dat>CD
Source 2: SBD>Cassette Master>Dat>CD

Patch source 1 supplies 0:00 - 2;28 of d1t01 (the whole track)
Patch source 1 supplies 0:00 - 0:08 of d1t02
Patch source 2 supplies 0:08 - 0:13 of d1t02
Patch source 2 supplies 3:08 - 4:18 of d1t02
Patch source 2 supplies 0:00 - 4:52 of d1t03

-- Seamless transition between Discs 2 and 3
-- Cool Edit Pro was used to remove dozens of static pops
-- Thanks to David Gans for the PCM SBD source Dats


Reviewer: dupree413 - - April 23, 2011
Subject: what happened in 1985?
This is another 4 star show from a year that gave us a good 20 '4' to '5' star shows. The question looking back now almost 26 years is - what happened in 1985? We know Jerry - Lord rest his soul - was in NOT in good health. He often stood with his head down - even when not doing a solo. He - at times - appeared disinterested. BUT his playing was incredible. I'm not saying it was his very best - but you would be hard pressed to not include his work in 1985 in your top 5 years while on tour with GD.
Weir? He was just being a prankster. 'Frozen Logger' was his way, I guess. Makes you wonder what kind of filler the band could have streamed into if he just let things take their "course".
Great show. 'Loser' is one of those songs that can grow heavy - but Jer's reading of it is more sinister than sad. Weir closes things out nicely w/ 'Saturday Night'.
Second set - well, it speaks for itself, really. This year's Philly shows in March, Summer shows at Hershey and Spac and the Fall shows on the East Coast give this shows 2nd set high standards to match.

1985 was a year where a bad show really stuck out and there were so many good ones,(such as this one at red rocks), that this show may - at the time - have appeared to be the 'norm'.
Peace to all.
Reviewer: myhungryhippo - - September 7, 2010
Subject: nice takes of:My Brother Esau
also truckin till the end is soild.

clean fast swarming
Reviewer: CharlieCassady23 - - July 17, 2010
Subject: WoW
Yeah, so Frozen Logger........simply tript out amazingness and the kind of unusual banter that I love hearing in a show....afterall..a good puddle always makes 'em prophetic ;)
Reviewer: redsteal your face - - October 30, 2009
Subject: The better of two nights
Reviewer: Sedula - - September 8, 2009
Subject: Frozen Logger
Word has it from a band insider that Jerry would not go on until his dealer delivered his heroin to the show. He was a little late so everyone else went on and thus "The Frozen Logger".
Reviewer: BIG_R - - July 13, 2009
Forget even thinking about listening to Frozen Logger. Otherwise this is a very nice show. I might be tempted to give it a five but I've been listening to alot of 1989 shows lately and they are much more impressive IMO. Another great job by Charlie Miller on this remaster.
Reviewer: mattseattle - - September 18, 2008
Subject: good banter at the end of Loser
the previous reviewer nails it. this show has a great version of Loser and at the end you can hear the boys discussing what song to play next. "Shakedown? Samson and Delilah? Let's play that next set."
Reviewer: Evan S. Hunt - - December 17, 2007
Subject: It's A Floater, Not A Sinker
Don't be fooled by the ridiculous version of Frozen Logger that Weir tries to sing before the band officially starts the show. His singing is awful and so are the sound effects, but it didn't sink the show at all. Odds are, and it would have to be oddly stated, odds are the sheer horror of it helped to propel the band into a butterfly floating lightly over the faithful at Red Rocks.

Thanks to David Gans and our resident Archives hero, Charlie Miller, you can tell right away half way thru Half Step that this is a wonderful show ~ wonderfully played and wonderfully recorded and remastered.

Half Step, Minglewood, B. E. Women and Esau are all pedestrianally competent with tight ensemble playing. Things start to heat up with Loser and then, after a lot of stage chatter trying to decide what to play, they pull out DuPree and DuPree glistens like its diamond ring. Where is the crowd, though? For a Saturday night they are very quiet in this mix. Oh well, the crowd noise is not important. This mix is noise free and very very phat on the bass end of the spectrum. And you'll be easily able to hear all instruments ~ the mix has splendid separation.

After more tuning they catapult into Saturday Night to close set one. This is not a first set to write to Aunt Sylvia about, but it's a pretty nice warm-up, overall.

It's the second set where they finally molt their skins and sparkle like the outstretching lights of Denver.

Shakedown is a cauldron of bubbling stew, yet, just when you thought they could take it to vertigo, they shuttle off and walk-skip-jump into Crazy Fingers ~ a beautiful version. (BTW, This mix is good enough for commercial release without another thing being done to it.)

Samson is rocking but rudimentary. Jerry pulls some rarebits out of the hat during his solo, though, some tapestries woven of olden times, methinks.

Listen to the notes Jerry tunes up with before Uncle John. Tell me this is not one of the most superb recordings you've ever heard. The notes are so juicy they are Jerk Chicken fallin' off de bone

Then they sort of stumble gracefully into a rocking uptempo Playing into Drums into a freaky Space and into Mr Fantasy. Brent's organ work is divine and the song's cooking along pretty well thru Hey Jude and back into Fantasy Reprise, then they're into a big fat Truckin'...and into the jewel of the eastern sky ~ Comes A Time. Brilliant

A peppy Lovelight ends the second set. The first encore is JBG and perhaps it tells us that the band enjoyed themselves that night (a pet theory) and squeeze out a creamy Baby Blue which Garcia nails with peels of subtle rapture. Was like Dylan foreordained Garcia to render, by his dynamic interpretation, this song thus the way Dylan would have wanted it and just the way Garcia did it.
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Source: Source: Schoeps CMC4/MK41 > Oade P/S? > PCM(Master) > PCM (Clone1); Location: OTS first row 110 degrees; PCM
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Source: source: (2) audio technica atm 11/ (2) nakamichi 300> tcd-d5>mc; conversion: sony tc we435>sony pcm m-10 24bit/96khz> soundforge> cdwave> traders little helper encoding option 8; conversion rate: 96000/24 bit